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May 14, 2014

Waverly Keeler | Greenville, SC Birth Photographer

Her name is unique… just like her red hair that she got from both of her parents.  But it’s difficult coming up with a unique name for your child that they’re going to be identified by for the rest of their life!  But this name – both of her names – are family names and I love that.  Waverly’s great-grandfather’s name was Wavard and Keeler came from her great-grandmother’s maiden name.  These names will continue to carry a legacy that both of these great-grandparents left behind.  But even just spending a couple of hours with her after she was born, I have no doubt that sweet Waverly can handle the responsibility.

When Courtney and I met about me photographing the birth of her first baby, she and her husband, Manning, had just found out that morning that they were having a girl!  So we sat with warm cups of chai and hot chocolate in hand talking all things baby girl, how she and Manning met, and how this was the first grand baby (and great-grand baby!) on his side and would be the second one on her side by only a few months!  I love getting to hear about families and how everything and everyone fits together.  Especially when I get to meet them all and put all the names and faces together on delivery day.  Everyone was so excited for this sweet baby girl’s arrival and while Waverly was a few days past her due date, she came quickly and right when she was supposed to.

Courtney and Manning… thank you so much for trusting me to capture this day for you.  I loved getting to spend a few hours of waiting with you and your families and Waverly’s entry into the world brought me to tears!  Just like every baby’s delivery does :-)  Congrats again on your beautiful little redhead!!

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-101 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-102 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-103

Courtney’s mom is really creative and crafty so she was doing her thing while we all chatted and waited.

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-104 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-105 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-106 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-107 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-108

Three of the four grandparents were there most of the day.  Manning’s dad came not long after this.

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-109 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-110 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-111 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-112 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-113 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-114

Manning’s twin sister came by too.

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-115 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-116 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-117 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-118

About an hour before Waverly made her arrival, almost everyone was at the hospital to wait!

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-119 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-120


I love being a fly on the wall when it’s just mom and dad though… it’s so sweet to capture their last moments as a family of two.

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-122 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-123 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-124 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-125 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-126

And before we knew it, it was time to push…

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-127 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-128 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-129 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-130

And it seemed like Courtney only pushed twice before Waverly was here!

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-131 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-132 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-133 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-134 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-135 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-136

I had to leave this one in color so you could see her light red hair!!

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-137 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-138 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-139 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-140 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-141 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-142 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-143 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-144 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-145 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-146 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-147 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-148 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-149

Favorite from the day!

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-150 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-151 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-152 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-153 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-154 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-155 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-156 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-157 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-158

Baby expressions are one of my favorite things…

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-159 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-160 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-161 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-162

This is Waverly’s cousin that is only 3 months older than she is!

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-163 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-164 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-165 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-166 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-167 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-168 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-169 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-170

I love the smile that her great-grandmother couldn’t hold back.

Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-171 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-172 Greenville-Birth-Photo-Waverly-173

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