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June 11, 2014

Wednesday Laughter

My husband will be the first to tell you that I’m easily distracted.  I can be in the middle of folding towels, have something pop into my head so I start looking for that something and before you know it, I’m drafting a blog post in my head.  30 minutes have gone by and I’ve only folded two towels.

But (hopefully) most of you will thank me for that distraction because it led me to find these gems buried in the drawer of my night stand!  The summer of 2002, I was taking summer school because I’d just changed my major and I was living with some friend who were either finishing up their degrees too or just in transition from graduation into “the real world”.  Anyway, I was thankful to get to live with Natalie again because we’d spent our sophomore year and half of our junior year sharing a room together on campus.  So while we had our own rooms off campus, we still spent much of our time together and it was great!  But occasionally we’d still slide notes or things under the other’s door… because who doesn’t love getting notes or fun surprises slid under your door??

What was also great about living with her again was how well she knew me (and how much I had wanted to be an astronaut)… so as the summer went by and she tore off pages of her desktop calendar containing The Far Side comics, she found a couple that made her think of me.  And as I found these last night, that summer came flooding back and I laughed as I read these for the hundredth time!  Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope these help lighten up your day as much as they did mine!


I know the dates are out of order, but this one is by far my favorite!!


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