March 8, 2021

Welcome Home Baby + At-Home Newborn Session | Tobin Thomas

Just over 3 years ago, I was at the hospital to photograph baby William’s birth (which you can see HERE!).  Just over a month ago, William’s mom, Maggie, emailed saying they were due with their second baby boy.  But in just two short weeks!  She said she’d been in denial about me not being able to be at the hospital for this birth and had kept putting off emailing me.  But I’m so glad she ended up sending the email!

We decided a Welcome Home Baby session (to meet grandparents and big brother) as well as an additional newborn session would be the perfect recipe. William was SO excited to meet his baby brother.  Just wait until you see those photos below!  The grandparents were thrilled to hold him, which was perfect because he was perfectly content being held.

When I went back a few days later, baby Toby was still as little as he was at birth (even at 10lbs 4oz!) and was as calm and peaceful as could be.

Maggie and Charlie, it was so fun to see your sweet family again and to meet Toby!  Getting to see you all twice in one week was wonderful!

Charlie went to pick up Big Brother from school to meet his baby brother for the first time…

…and I’d say it was 100% worth it for that photo below!!

Welcome Home Baby Sessions are to capture the full story… including big brother wanting to make sure baby has what he needs!  Even if he’s not hungry at the moment :-)

William could NOT get over being a big brother!

Toby was even able to meet his great-grandma via FaceTime… look at her smile!

I went back a few days later when things had calmed down a bit to capture some photos of Toby, his nursery and their little family of 4!

His nursery is just precious.

Big brother kisses and hot air balloons; I adore photographing both!

For more information and details about me capturing your new baby’s first moments at home, click HERE.

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