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February 28, 2018

William Edward | Greenville Birth Photographer | Patewood Memorial

When I first talked with Maggie and Charlie about photographing the birth of their son, we were chatting about names and they mentioned that they were just embracing the fact that they all happen to have very royal names.  And it took me a minute to realize what she was talking about… Maggie and Charlie are short for Margaret and Charles and then of course their son’s name is now William Edward!  And for as much as I love British royalty, this just put a huge smile on my face!

I began checking in with Maggie about how she was doing right around two weeks before her due date.  There wasn’t much going on, which is perfectly fine!  But as her due date came and went, I was just praying for her and sweet William because I knew they both were probably very ready to meet each other.  And sure enough, 4 days later, her water broke!

Saturday morning, I walked into their hospital room where they’d been for almost a full day and while I could tell she was already tired and uncomfortable, Maggie still had a pep in her voice and even got some sleep during the day as they waited on their son.  Charlie was by her side all the time and when he needed to step away, their doula was right there comforting and encouraging Maggie every step of the way.  Kathy was so wonderful and between the three of them and their families who came and went during the day, it was such a calm and encouraging space to be in.

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-101 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-102 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-103 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-104 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-105 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-106 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-107

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-108 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-109 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-110 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-111 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-112 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-113 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-114 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-115 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-116 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-117 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-118 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-119 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-120 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-121 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-122 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-123 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-124 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-125 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-126 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-127 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-128 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-129 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-130 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-131

The look of pure joy on Charlie’s face right here is exactly why I photograph births!
He just saw his son for the first time and was in awe of what his wife accomplished to bring him into the world!

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-132 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-133 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-134 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-135 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-136 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-137 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-138 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-139 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-140 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-141 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-142 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-143 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-144 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-145 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-146 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-147

Maggie, you were amazing!  And William is just perfect :-)

Patewood-Birth-Photographer-148 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-149 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-150 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-151 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-152 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-153 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-154 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-155 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-156 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-157 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-158 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-159 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-160 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-161 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-162 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-163 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-164 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-165 Patewood-Birth-Photographer-166

Congratulations, you guys.  And thank you for allowing me to share that space with you to capture William’s first breaths!


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