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December 19, 2016

2016 Favorites | Behind the Scenes

I never get tired of these posts!  It’s especially fun to see the “Behind the Scenes” posts from other photographers too because it shows me that I’m not the only ridiculous looking person out there ;-)

This past year was a little different though because Ben stepped back from being my second shooter.  It’s the first year since we were dating that he hasn’t second shot weddings with me, but as his video business grew and he was running another company full time, it was so much better for him to be able to have some Saturdays at home with our daughter on weekends that he wasn’t shooting video.  So, it allowed him to have more time with her, it allowed me to keep doing what I love, and it let me hang out with some really fun girls that I don’t always get to see on a regular basis (don’t worry, you’ll see some of them in here too!).  I wish I’d gotten photos of all of my second shooters from this past year because none of these photos would be in here if not for them! #goalsfor2017

Ben and I still had quite a few weddings together though so he’s in here almost as much as he usually is!  He’s still my favorite videographer and we work really well together… so if you’re getting married and are on the fence about finding room in the budget for video, let me tell you that it’s WORTH IT!  Photos are wonderful and they will last a life-time.  But there are some things that video can capture that photos just can’t.

Anyway, that’s an entirely different blog post for another time… So, enjoy a look at some fun/funny/awkward/quirky behind the scenes shots from 2016!

I’ve had a January wedding each year since 2014 and that trend will continue in 2017.  I love them because they are unique and my couples get to snuggle a little extra close for photos!  But goodness, they are coooold for me too!


This was the one wedding this year that Ben photographed with me :-)  It was also the one where my brother-in-law officiated!


Our next wedding wasn’t until March and we were all expecting it to still be a little cool, but it was in the 80s that day!

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-101 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-102

We do all kinds of things on the job… including climbing on walls (as Ben is more apt to do that I am),
and writing in chalk in the middle of the road while your groom redirects traffic!


Sometimes we have some very understanding bystanders (all of those people on the sidelines had just been sitting on the deck under the sign but they were SO KIND to get up from their lunches for a few minutes while we got some shots!).


By far one of my favorites that I have of me working!  Thank you so much for getting this, Laci!

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-105 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-106

I think the Tiger was at 3 of my weddings this year!  Sadly, I only got photos of he and I at 2 of them.  Go Tigers!!


Anna doesn’t look thrilled about testing this spot for me, but I promise she was very happy to be helping out!


I have NO IDEA what I was doing or what this pointing is about…


My #SabrinaWeddingSelfie on Instagram is still one of my favorite things.  I really do love my couples!


I look way too creepy in this one (if you can find me).


I’ve known Caroline for several years but since she lives in Charleston, I rarely get to see her, much less work with her.  Thankfully she was available for this amazing Friday wedding and I was so excited to spend the day with her!  Plus, I have complete hair envy every time I see her photos or videos online.


And I’m kind of in love with this photo she captured of Andrew and I helping Amy with her dress!


And let me just say that she’s not afraid to have fun (nor is Kellie of Jubilee Wedding and Events!).

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-114 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-115

Dress fluffer…


…and veil straightener!

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-117 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-118 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-119

The bonus to having second shooters who aren’t my husband is that we sometimes get photos of us together on wedding days!

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-120 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-121 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-122

It has been SO much fun watching Ben’s heart grow since we had our own baby girl.
He captured video of the flower girls dancing and then showed it to them.  The youngest was enraptured by it!


Sometimes I’m funny… and sometimes only half the wedding party agrees.

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-124 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-125

Sometimes my second shooters make me look far better than I feel (especially on super hot summer wedding days.  Thanks, Anna!!).

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-126 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-127 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-128

The full entourage (minus my own second shooter who captured this) :-)


Allison, thank you for getting this of us!!


I have the most handsome husband and the cutest brides!!

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-131 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-132 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-133 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-134

If there’s a photo booth, you better believe we’re going to jump in it at some point during the night!


I hate getting in the way of my second shooters!

2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-136 2016-behindthescenes-sabrinafields-137

Love this girl!!!  Allison, you’re one of the best :-)


One thing you may not know is that since beginning to shoot weddings, I’ve learned SO many things that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.  Such as how a bride and groom are supposed to cut the cake.  So, unless the wedding coordinator shows them what to do, I’m usually showing them how to cut that small piece to then feed each other.  Who knew there was an art to it??


Kayla’s amazing bouquet is hiding my baby bump, but baby Isabella was at quite a few weddings this past year.  She and I have one more together in January before she makes her arrival though so next year’s post will definitely begin with some baby bump photos!


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