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December 16, 2016

Making A List

It’s been an off-week around here.  And by “off” I don’t mean vacation.  Ben re-took (well, actually took) our trip to Portland at the beginning of the week, Catherine and I were both sick, and I’ve been thinking it’s a day ahead of what it actually is all week long!

I also had a “Biggest Loser/Pregnancy Breakdown” at crossfit on Wednesday so there’s that too.  You know the kind… where you try and try and push as much as you can, but just can’t go any farther so you leave the building to bawl your eyes out.  Yep, that happened.  I really think most of it had to do with pregnancy hormones and getting over a cold.  But I can’t even tell you the last time I CRIED so, it was probably best to just get it out!

But don’t worry, I’m much better now :-)

I made a list the other day and even though it’s the slow season for wedding photographers, it still helped me SEE what I needed to get done and it always feels so good to mark things OFF!  I’m no bueno with apps that keep track of to-do lists.  I need an old fashioned paper and pen or pencil because I need to use a thick marker to cross off each thing as it happens.  And you know what?  That list went in the trash at the end of the day because all of it got done!

Nothing makes me feel more accomplished than an attainable and completed to-do list!
(Meaning I keep these to-do lists short and sweet so that I’m not overwhelmed by them!)

Catherine has apparently been working on her own lists… on LOTS of pieces of paper (which she currently calls “poppi” because the French word for paper is “papier” (sounds like poppy-yay).  It’s SO cute!).  I’ve actually lost one notepad already because I wasn’t paying attention and she’s “made notes” on every.single.page.  But how can you be upset when she’s so focused on what she’s doing… and is so cute doing it?!?


Happy Friday, friends… here’s to a restful weekend and no more Biggest Loser/Pregnancy breakdowns.  Cheers!

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