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December 12, 2016

A Look Back at 2016

This time of year is when everyone begins looking back at the year… and even though we still have a couple of weeks left of 2016, I watched my “year in review” video on Facebook last night and stood amazed at how much God allowed us to do and be a part of this year!  And it wasn’t just about business either.  Running your own business means that life and work overlap A LOT.  And I’m thankful to have a career where I’m ok with that happening from time to time!

So, here’s a look back at what this year looked like as a whole.  Enjoy!

In January we took our 10th annual Clemsongang trip away together.
And it was my first one with a little baby attached to me (I mean, look at her! She was literally attached….).


I can’t believe we made it to Catherine’s 1st birthday earlier this year… especially because she’s going to be 2 so soon!


I’ve had the utmost honor of photographing 7 births so far this year… (I have one mom due on New Year’s Eve, so we’ll see when he makes his debut!).  I never dreamed this would ever be a part of my business, but it’s a piece of my job that has brought so much joy and growth to my heart!


We traveled to 4 different countries this year… and I’m pretty sure the last time I did that was when I was working for Upward Sports.  Which was over 6 years ago now!  We went to Paraguay with Catherine to visit Ben’s parents and while we were there took a trip to Brazil to see the Iguazu Falls.


Then last month, Ben and I took an anniversary/baby moon/work trip to Paris where we also took a day trip to Brussels, Belgium!


Getting to announce our second baby girl on the way was by far one of my favorite parts of this year.
Not to mention sharing how Catherine and I told Ben about the tiny little baby!  You can see that video HERE :-)


Two dream photo sessions happened this year…
The first one was with Katelyn James at the CONNECT Retreat (see the full post HERE).

View More: http://katelynjames.pass.us/bensabrina

The second one happened in Paris, which I’d been dreaming about for YEARS!! (You can see that full post HERE!)


It had been a while since I’d tackled a LARGE project for my business and finally finishing my bridal guide felt like SUCH a huge win!


One of my college roommates and her family adopted a precious little girl by the name of Londynn Hope (at which we all got teary eyed during the court hearing because none of us could believe it was really happening!).  And getting to photograph them as a family the day she officially became a member of their family was just as much a miracle as any birth I’ve photographed!


Fall is my favorite season and getting to take my little one apple picking was a bucket list item for me… it may seem silly to some, but I loved it!


I never imagined having an intern for my business… but after having her in our home each week, being amazed at the questions she was asking, and just flat out being thankful for her help this past summer, I can’t imagine NOT having had Rebecca as part of my life this year!  Plus, her 2017 is shaping up so well and I can’t see what all she does!!

sabrinafieldsphotography-intern-101 So what am I looking forward to most in 2017?  Meeting Isabella Grace, of course!  We scheduled our c-section for February 21, so as long as she stays put, that’s when we’ll get to meet her!  Each time she moves (aka begins her daily gymnastics routine) I shake my head in wonder of this little miracle growing inside of me.  Her big sister won’t know what to think, but that’s another reason we can’t wait… Catherine’s world is going to be SO different come February and we’re praying her younger sister will be a good (calming!) influence on her.


We were beyond blessed this year and I’m so excited to see ALL that 2017 holds!  My couples for next year are wonderful, I already have one birth mom lined up for early next year, and I can’t wait to meet the other “Sabrina Brides” that may not even be engaged yet :-)

There are more posts about looking back at 2016, so be on the lookout for those! Happy Monday!

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