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December 28, 2016

2016 Favorites | Weddings

Every year it amazes me how much I thrive from photographing weddings for couples who are madly in love.  Especially since it was never in my plan to be a wedding photographer!  But as tiring as wedding days are, they give me energy and I squeal with excitement and shed tears of joy as my couples promise their lives to each other.

I say it a lot, but a “thank you” will never be enough for me to properly thank each of these couples who trust me with capturing the memories of their first day as husband and wife.

Enjoy some of my favorites from each of my 2016 weddings!

Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-114 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-123 Rainy-Winter-Wedding-Photos-169

Now, I’m not wishing rain on anyone’s wedding day, but how romantic are these images?!?
Natalia and Luis didn’t let the rain bother them at all!



I always love a good Clemson wedding… especially when it’s for two amazing people like Brandon and Colleen!


clemson-purple-silver-wedding-photos-131 clemson-purple-silver-wedding-photos-153 clemson-purple-silver-wedding-photos-165 clemson-purple-silver-wedding-photos-190

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-107 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-115 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-128

Chris and Molly… y’all were just amazing :-)

IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-184 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-188 IndigoHallWedding-SabrinaFieldsPhoto-192

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-110 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-115 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-129 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-151 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-167

The LIGHT after Mary-Catherine and Michael’s wedding was to die for!  And it somehow enhanced their love in their photos!

Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-171 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-178 Bleckley-Inn-Spring-Wedding-Photos-212

A Charleston wedding is always wonderful… but this one has become an exception as I’ve gotten to see Amy and Andrew more over this year and will get to photograph their baby boy’s birth in the coming month or so!

Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-122 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-123 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-128 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-137

And I’m still dying over these flowers…

Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-141 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-150 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-166 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-153 Boone-Hall-Cotton-Dock-Wedding-SabrinaFields-184

I don’t photograph elopement weddings enough… loved this afternoon with Sarah and Stuart!

Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-105 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-111 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-113 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-132 Pretty-Place-Elopement-Wedding-Photos-164

I don’t book two weddings in one day, even if they are hours and hours apart.  Unless it’s for the same couple :-)
Charlotte and John’s Vietnamese ceremony was in the morning and their American ceremony was in the afternoon.  Both were beautiful and I was so thankful to be a part of them both!

Vietnamese-Wedding-Columbia-SC-103 Vietnamese-Wedding-Columbia-SC-108 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-111 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-115 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-127 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-145 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-172 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-193 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-197 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-201 Adams-Pond-Rainy-Wedding-Day-208

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-118 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-134

Cami and Topher’s families are what made their wedding day happen.  And having the chance to photograph the two of them all day honestly was a dream!  Photography was a really big deal to them so we made the most of every moment and it was well worth it!

Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-149 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-175 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-189 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-207 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-216 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-220 Romantic-Southern-Wedding-Photos-228

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-112 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-135 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-149 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-150

I loved Morgan from the first time Ben and I met her… but when this car pulled up before their ceremony??  Well, she and Matt must have known the way to my heart because I LOVED photographing them with it!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-172 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-191 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-202 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-210 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-226 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-234

Turner was a friend of a friend that I’d “known” for a long time.  So being a part of hers and Ben’s wedding day just made the day extra special (and emotional!  Sheesh!).  I’d also found out the week before that I was pregnant so that may have had a little bit to do with it too ;-)

Military-Clemson-Wedding-118 Military-Clemson-Wedding-126 Military-Clemson-Wedding-133 Military-Clemson-Wedding-154 Military-Clemson-Wedding-164 Military-Clemson-Wedding-171 Military-Clemson-Wedding-181Military-Clemson-Wedding-212 Military-Clemson-Wedding-222

Even with some rain putting a stop to some of the timeline, Jessica and Jay took their entire wedding day in stride.  Hiccups and all.  I’m honestly not sure how it happens, but the Lord brings such amazing couples my way and I’m so thankful!

Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-115 Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-152

I also have some of the most beautiful brides on the planet!

Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-157 Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-160 Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-164 Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-194 Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-198 Greenville-Marriott-Huguenot-Loft-Wedding-199

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-123 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-124 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-132 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-136

These two.  Holy moly, they were so kind and encouraging to both Ben and I this year.  Sincere couples like Mary Kathryn and Jamey make my heart grow by leaps and bounds!

spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-139 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-140 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-156 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-183 spartanburg-indigo-hall-wedding-200

I honestly can’t get enough of this photo.  I just love everything about it!



And then there’s this one that wrapped up my year.  Nick was in middle school when his family moved to South Carolina and I first met them.  And just before his bride walked out for their first look, I gave him a hug and LOST.IT.  All the tears were flowing!  And I’d like to blame it all on the baby, but that wouldn’t be the full truth :-)  Both of these families are precious and I could not have asked for a more wonderful, genuine, happy, and God-honoring couple to end my 2016 wedding season with.  It was a perfect day!

dutch-barn-wedding-greer-117 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-125 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-126 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-129 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-137 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-154 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-150 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-160 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-163 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-175 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-178 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-183 dutch-barn-wedding-greer-211

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