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June 19, 2014

A Beautiful City And Lots of Memories

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it 100 more times… I love my city.  Greenville, SC is one of the most beautiful and fun places to live and as I strolled the campus at Furman University the other night with one of my brides for her bridal portraits (which I can NOT wait to show you next month!!), we agreed that Furman is just gorgeous.  Lots of work goes into making it that way, of course, but as she changed in one of the buildings and I listened to the orchestra camp tune up and practice one of their pieces for the week, I was thrown back to the 90s when I was at that same camp and playing on that stage.  As I wandered campus to scout some spots for her portraits before I met up with her, several people were running and it reminded me of the summers I was a counselor at our church’s kid’s camp and I would get up early to go for a run around the lake (you know, when I thought that I liked running…).

I’m not sure what’s gotten me so sentimental this year, but it’s one of those summers that I want to sit and flip through stacks of old photos and also just relish where we are in life right now.  All the while making more memories and soaking up the present.

If I were a betting woman, I’d bet that your city isn’t as beautiful as mine (unless you’re reading this from Paris, then I’ll give you that one).  But all the same, go out and enjoy your city today!  Find a new little nook or go to your favorite spot, but go out and enjoy it.  Love life where you are and revel in the memories you’re making now.  Even if you don’t want to be where you currently are long term, this is still a chapter in your life that could possibly end up being a pivotal chapter down the road.  So, don’t miss out on what memories could be waiting to be made!

Furman Rose Garden

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