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June 20, 2014

The Top 5 Blog Posts

I’m such a nerd when it comes to analytics.  I could spend hours on Google Analytics (when I remember my password) looking through to see what all people are viewing, where they’re viewing from, how long they’re viewing for… it sounds a little creepy that I can see all of this on the backend of things, but I love it!  It helps me know what’s popular, what people like to see and it helps me plan for the future.

And since I managed to (finally) remember my password, I thought it would be fun to share which 5 posts have been people’s favorites since May of 2012 when I moved from the old blogspot to the current PhotosBySabrinaBlog.com (which will be changed to reflect the new branding one day!).  Over two years ago!  So, here we go!

1. The Canvas Contest of 2012 (8,421 views) and 2013 (3,449 views).
I decided to combine these into one.  Because of the nature of them, they easily get the most page visits!  But they’re so much fun and I’m already looking forward to this coming December and celebrating this year’s weddings all over again!

2. Kristin + David’s Winter Wonderland Wedding (2,272 views)
Oh my heavens, I was NOT surprised at all to see the numbers and that this was the top wedding that had been viewed since starting this blog.  So gorgeous!!


3. A Life Celebrated (1,312 views)
Sweet Darby touched so many lives… and still is.


4. Marianne + David’s DIY Southern Wedding (1,242 views)
LOVED their creative and beautiful wedding!  And I may have been a tad biased since she and I ended up choosing the same wedding dress :-)  What can I say?  My brides have amazing taste!


Elisha + Cale’s Southern Romantic Wedding (968 views)
Y’all, I almost CRIED when I saw Elisha’s bouquet on her wedding day.  And the rest of their day was just as stunning.
And now it’s been published… in a MAGAZINE! More on that soon!!


Thank each of you, SO MUCH, for reading, viewing, and visiting this blog.  I love getting to share my brides and grooms as well as all the other things that we’re up to in my little corner of the internet.  And with so much out there, the fact that each of you takes time to come and visit means the world to me.  I wish I could hug each of you personally for walking this journey with me, so until we see each other or get to meet one day, accept this as a HUGE HUG and a huge thanks for being here!

Happy Friday!

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