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May 31, 2017

And She’s Off

It’s been quite a week… I haven’t posted anywhere about it but we jumped into potty training (for the second time) this past weekend.  I don’t really want to lament about our potty woes online, but what I’ve figured out is that it’s one of those “rights of passage” for being parents.  And for the 5,487,452nd time I’ve had the thought that parenting is NOT for the faint of heart!

The other big thing is that Catherine went to her first day of “school” yesterday!  She’s going to a local church’s preschool two days a week and I’ve been excited/dreading it.  Ben and I know now how quickly she’s growing up and it’s making me treasure the photos we take of her and her sister even more!


I was seriously expecting tears from her and I both, but neither of us shed any!  Not a one.  Catherine has only been to visit once before, but that was the Friday before Isa was born on Tuesday.  So, I don’t know if she remembered it or really was totally fine with us leaving her in a new place without anyone she knew!  When we first walked in, she went straight for the toy kitchen and we had to call her back over to us for a last hug and kiss!

Her teachers said she did really well but the first words they heard her speak all day were when I walked in to pick her up and she excitedly yelled, “Mama!” and ran over to me!  They said she participated in things and played well, ate well and even slept well at nap time (which is what I was most worried about!).  She only cried when we walked outside to go over to mémé’s and she saw the playground and I made her get in the car instead of going back to play.  She then refused to talk to me most of the way there… because apparently she’s already a pre-teen!  Mercy…

We’re praying her second day is even better than the first and that my Tuesdays and Thursdays are super productive!

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