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November 1, 2017

Angelina + Mike | A Rock Quarry Elopement


When Angelina first contacted me about photographing their elopement, I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not.  Let’s just say I was hopefully ecstatic… as we talked over coffee when we met in person, I told her that marriage is a really big deal to me and I want nothing more for my couples than for their marriages to succeed and grow, regardless of the ups and downs.  And she completely agreed.

Mike will tell you that it was love at first sight when he saw her in New Orleans 3 years and 1 week ago.  She was on vacation and didn’t think too much about it.  But he couldn’t get her out of his mind and pursued her, quickly helping her see that being with him was the best decision she could make.  So, exactly 3 years to the date they met, they said “I do” in a private ceremony in one of Greenville’s most beautiful parks.  October 25 may have been on a Wednesday, but it was the perfect date for them and the weather was divine!

These two have traveled and had some incredible adventures already and I’m beyond excited for their future and the journey ahead of them.  Thank you guys so much for allowing me to be a part of your elopement.  I loved capturing your first moments as husband and wife and celebrating with you!

  Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-101 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-102 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-103 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-104 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-105 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-106

Between her gorgeous dress, his dress blues and those flowers…
not to mention their giddy smiles… I was in photographer’s heaven!

Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-107 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-108 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-109 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-110

The fall light with that golden hour glow was just as gorgeous as Angelina and Mike!

Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-111 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-112 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-113 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-114 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-115 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-116 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-117 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-118 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-119 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-120

Oh my gosh, this one just gets me… you two are so stunning.

Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-121 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-122 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-123 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-124 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-125 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-126 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-127 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-128 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-129 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-130 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-131 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-132 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-133 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-134 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-135 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-136 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-137 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-138 Rock-Quarry-Elopement-Greenville-139 An intimate ceremony with an intimate list of vendors, all of which deserve a huge thank you:
Dress | Lulus
Hair + Makeup | the bride
Florals | Statice Floral
Officiant | Robin of Upstate Wedding Officiant

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