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March 26, 2021

Audrey Marie | At-Home Newborn Session

I just realized there have been 4 new babies in front of my camera within the past month!  I have adored meeting these new little ones and am so excited for their families (as tired as they all are right now!).

Of those 4 though, sweet Audrey is the only girl!  And she may have the most hair of all of them!  She is beautiful and such a gift to her big sister and their family.

We know Kristen and Brent from church and when their oldest was born in 2017, there were complications after delivery. No one expected or could have predicted that Kristen was bleeding internally.  Their daughter was just fine, but Kristen was whisked away to surgery and then was in ICU where she received more donated blood than she thought she would ever need.  And down the hall, Brent was caring for their brand new baby with the generous help and guidance of the nurses.  (You can read her story here!) Thankfully, she recovered and has been doing so well these last several years.  Although they weren’t quite sure whether more children would be part of God’s plan or not.

With lots of prayer, guidance from her doctors and mostly their trust in the Lord, they found out last summer they would be expecting their second baby!  And when they announced they would have another baby girl, we were so excited for them!

Close to her due date, I texted Kristen to check in on her and she sent back a photo of baby Audrey (cue the tears).  After I dried my eyes, I asked how she was doing after delivery and she said she was doing unbelievably well and that there were no complications at all!

We were (and are!) so so thankful!  God is a miracle worker and Brent and Kristen do not take that lightly.

Welcome to the world, baby girl!

This one of the sisters melts my heart every time I look at it!

Since Audrey was asleep in her basinet by the end of the session, Brent and Kristen asked for a photo with their “big girl”.
You guys, you’re incredible parents and your girls are so lucky to have you!

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