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April 25, 2018

Caitlyn + Peter | A Midtown Atlanta Engagement | Piedmont Park + the Beltline

I love midtown Atlanta.  Some of you are already calling me crazy for that statement, but after living there for 3 semesters in college, it really grew on me!  Plus, anytime I get stuck in traffic in Greenville I remind myself “this isn’t Atlanta, it could be much worse.”

So when Caitlyn contacted me about photographing hers and Peter’s wedding next summer in midtown, I was so excited!  It just happened to be a huge added bonus that one of her current roommates is one of my cousins :-)

These two have been long distance since they first met several years ago so I KNOW their countdown to next summer feels like an eternity.  But you guys, it will be SO worth it!  And with as much as you both have going on this coming year, 2019 will be here before you know it.  And I’m going to admit that I’m a tad giddy thinking about how gorgeous your wedding day (and the photos!) are going to be.  classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-101

Caitlyn’s brother was hosting a birthday party for a friend of his one of the times she was visiting in Washington, D.C.  It was that friend who knew Peter and when he walked in the door that evening, Caitlyn noticed him immediately!

classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-102 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-103

He knew on their third date that she was who he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-104 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-105 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-106

I seriously can’t get over these two!

classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-107 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-108 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-109 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-110 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-111

Just you wait… we’re going to recreate this photo on the bridge next summer after these two say I Do!

classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-112 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-113 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-114 classy-Piedmont-Park-engagement-photos-115

Caitlyn, that dress just makes your eyes pop!

the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-117 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-118 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-119 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-120

I can’t get over their laughter and their smiles.


The Beltline didn’t exist when I lived in midtown, but it’s incredible and so beautiful!

the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-122 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-123 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-124 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-125 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-126 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-127 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-128 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-129 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-130 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-131 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-132 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-133 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-134 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-135 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-136 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-137 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-138 the-beltline-atlanta-engagement-photos-139

Also, I can’t get over this tiny door.
Apparently they’re all over the place too!


If you enjoyed Caitlyn and Peter’s engagement post, let them know in the comments!
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