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April 17, 2018

Rebekah + Connor | Greer Sunset Engagement Photos


They met each other through a campus ministry but didn’t actually begin dating for a while.  But when their first date came around and the typical nerves showed up, they were excited nerves… that didn’t last for long because Connor surprised Rebekah with a nerf gun war!  Definitely not your typical first date!  But these two aren’t typical.

Bekah has lived around the world with her family and studied abroad in Australia (which is where she was when I was photographing the birth of one of her nephews several years ago!).  And she was completely ok with a nerf gun war on their first date… how many guys would be brave enough to do that for a first date??


Connor had the proposal planned to a T and was going to stick with that plan no matter what.  Until he couldn’t deny any longer that he was sick (turns out he had the flu!).  Their families tried to encourage him to reschedule but his mind was already set and he was ready to ask Bekah to be his wife.  So, her roommate helped Connor decorate his apartment with lights, flowers, music and candles and even though he was sick in bed, he smoothly slide out, onto 1 knee, and presented Bekah with a ring box he had made (with her new initials) and asked her to be his wife.

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I’m beside myself that we only have to wait until the end of next month for their wedding!!  It’s going to be an incredible day!

sunset-spring-engagement-photos-110 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-111 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-112 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-113

I mean, could you guys BE any more adorable??

sunset-spring-engagement-photos-114 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-115 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-116 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-117 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-118 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-119 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-120 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-121 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-122 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-123 sunset-spring-engagement-photos-124

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  1. Ashley Post says:

    Bekah can’t be getting married!!!! She was just in 10th grade yesterday!!

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