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June 23, 2016

Charlotte Elizabeth | Greenville Birth Photographer | Greenville Memorial Hospital

Two and a half years ago, I spent several hours at the hospital with Kendall & William and  their sweet family as we all waited on their son, Carter, to be born.  I’d helped a friend photograph their wedding two weeks before Ben and I got married so it was fun to see everyone again and spend so much time with them!  Carter wasn’t in much of a hurry to join us in the hospital room so we had ample time to chat and catch up and even have lunch together.  However, his sister Charlotte had much different plans!

My mind is still having trouble wrapping around all that transpired a week ago yesterday.  While I was in Columbia to photograph another birth, Kendall saw my post on Instagram and texted me saying she saw I’d shot a birth that morning, but I texted her back saying he wasn’t here quite yet!  She was having a few signs that baby Charlotte was beginning to make it known that she wanted to join us on the outside, but Kendall told me there was no panic at all and that she had another appointment scheduled for the next day.  But since I was already at one birth, she was really excited for Karen who would be delivering within hours!

However, things really got interesting when Karen in Columbia was about an hour away from pushing and Kendall called me from Greenville to say her water had broken!  Y’all.  I could not have predicted any of this happening if I’d tried.  The thing is that even when a mom’s water breaks, there’s still no telling when that baby will come.  So, I called my friend Jana to see if she was in town and able to go up to Greenville Memorial if I wasn’t able to make it in time.  Thankfully she was there and willing to step in which I think made us all feel better!  But after baby Lucas was born in Columbia and I hung around for photos the couple of hours after he was born, I hit the road and made my way to Greenville!

I touched base with Ben as I was leaving because my camera needed a new battery and I definitely needed more memory cards.  I hadn’t left that morning prepared to shoot more than one birth so amazingly, Ben was able to swing by our house, get what I needed and meet me in the parking lot at Greenville Memorial.  At 6:45pm, just 30 minutes before I pulled in, Jana had texted me that Kendall was getting close and might start pushing at 7:30pm.


They had the same book with them for everyone to sign!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-102 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-103 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-104 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-105 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-106 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-107

But when I pulled into the parking lot at 7:15pm, she hadn’t even started pushing yet!  I can’t believe the Lord allowed me to be at both births in two different cities in the same day!


Jana, THANK YOU doesn’t even begin to cover how much I appreciate you and the photos you took before I could get there.
I think I was actually still out of breath a little bit when we took this photo!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-109 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-110 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-111 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-112

Sweet Mimi had been there for Carter’s birth and this time she would be in the delivery room to meet her name-sake when she was born!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-113 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-114 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-115 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-116 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-117 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-118 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-119 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-120

Oh how I love these two sisters!


I think this photo should be deemed “Team Charlotte” because all of them cheered on Kendall as Charlotte made her way into the world!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-122 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-123 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-124 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-125 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-126

William hadn’t been too sure about things when Carter was born, but this time,
he said he was “an old pro” and he was by Kendall’s side the entire time!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-127 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-128 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-129 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-130 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-131 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-132 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-133 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-134 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-135 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-136 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-137

Ah!  She’s here!!
(And yes, I had tears in my eyes, as always!)

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-138 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-139 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-140 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-141 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-142 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-143 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-144 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-145 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-146

I don’t think Charlotte could believe she was here either :-)

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-147 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-148 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-149 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-150 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-151 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-152 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-153 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-154

Hi there, beautiful girl!!


And then Carter was able to come and meet his new sister!  He was so excited and I get teary eyed just looking at these photos again!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-156 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-157

Seriously.  SO precious!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-158 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-159 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-160 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-161 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-162 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-163 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-164 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-165

Kendall, motherhood looks so good on you.

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-166 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-167 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-168 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-169 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-170

William, I’m pretty sure she loved you at first sight.

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-171 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-172 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-173 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-174 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-175 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-176 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-177 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-178 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-179 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-180 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-181

Leah had taken video of Carter coming into the room and was sharing it with everyone.
I had to step back and get a photo mostly so that I would stop crying!

Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-182 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-183 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-184 Greenville-Birth-Photographer-CharlotteElizabeth-185

What an amazingly supportive and loving group of friends and family!


Congrats, you guys.  She’s beautiful!!


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