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June 24, 2016

Morgan + Matt | A Furman University + Commerce Club Wedding | Greenville, SC

I realized earlier in the year that I was shooting so many out of town weddings that my first one IN Greenville was going to be Morgan and Matt’s wedding.  But since it was in mid-June, it felt so far away!  Yet here we are, already looking back on their gorgeous elegant wedding day!

When I walked into Morgan’s hotel room, I’m pretty sure she squealed as she hugged me :-)  But I wouldn’t have it any other way!  When Ben and I first sat down with her at the end of last summer to meet her and hear some of her and Matt’s story, we just clicked.  But Morgan is one of those people who is so easy to like because she is genuinely inviting to whomever she meets.  She draws you in with her kindness and without even thinking about it, she radiates the love of Christ to those around her.  And you could easily see that in each of her bridesmaids and her family!

And it’s no wonder Matt loves her so much. He may be the more reserved of the two, but those smiles he had for her and her alone made it evident that she can bring something out in him that no one else can.

You guys.  Thank you for trusting us to capture your love story this past year.  I know you are SO thankful to no longer be long-distance and I hope your honeymoon in the tropics has been exactly the rest and time together that you’ve been longing for!


Morgan told us early on that they were going to play off of their last names and stick to primarily black and white colors with a touch of green and a pop of peach in their flowers. It was so elegant!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-103 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-102 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-104 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-105

And how can you not love Morgan’s shoes??

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-106 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-107 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-108

If the pajama and robe trend was happening when we got married, I was completely oblivious to it.
Because I totally would have done something like this for my bridesmaids!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-109 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-110 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-111 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-112 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-113

I know I posted her bridal portraits earlier this week, but I only wanted to take more!  So stunning, Morgan!


And one classic portrait before going to meet her groom…


Matt’s grandparents raised him so to have his granddad stand beside him as his best man was possibly one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in a long time.

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-116 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-117

My talented friend Allison captured these photos of Matt getting ready and this one is a favorite!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-118 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-119 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-120

The girls were really hoping to be able to watch Morgan & Matt’s First Look from the room!


And they could!  Do you see them?!?

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-122 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-123 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-124 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-125 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-126 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-127 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-128 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-129

I love the Hyatt and all of their natural light!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-130 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-131 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-132 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-133 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-134 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-135 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-136 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-137 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-138

One of the wonderful things about a couple seeing each other before the ceremony is the number of portraits we’re able to get of the two of them throughout the day.  These next few were taken in less than 3 minutes before we did wedding party photos!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-139 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-140

Girls!  Y’all are so beautiful!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-141 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-142 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-143 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-144 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-145 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-146 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-147 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-148 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-149 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-150 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-151 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-152 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-153 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-154

I loved the backs of their dresses!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-155 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-156 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-157 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-158 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-159 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-160 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-161 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-162 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-164 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-165

When we got to the chapel, with plenty of time to spare before the ceremony, we saw that their getaway car had arrived early!  So what did that mean??  More portraits!  And I’m pretty sure these are some of my favorites from the day.

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-166 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-167 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-168 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-169

Y’all.  I seriously felt like this car had pulled out of Downton Abbey to come whisk Morgan and Matt away.

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-170 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-171

And in case you missed it on Facebook or Instagram… this photo is a new all-time favorite!  Gah!  You guys are amazing!!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-172 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-173

One of the other sweetest things I’ve ever seen was when Morgan’s 4th grade class from this past year met her outside before the ceremony!
Y’all! They were so precious and SO excited.  She invited them to the ceremony and wanted to see them beforehand since they would all be heading home after the ceremony.  Seriously, so cute.

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-174 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-175

And then it was time!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-176 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-177 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-178 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-179 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-180 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-181 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-182 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-183 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-184

I think there were tears all around as Morgan’s brother sang during the ceremony.

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-185 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-186

Her uncle, who officiated the ceremony, mentioned her students and this was her turning around to BEAM at them!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-187 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-188


elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-189 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-190

Oh gosh, I love this!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-191 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-192 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-193 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-194 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-195 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-196 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-197 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-198 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-199 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-200

This photo happened on the way to the reception… because I was able to hitch a ride in the front seat!!  I can’t believe I was able to ride along in a car made in 1928.  Bucket list item, check!


Oh you guys!


When I walked into the Commerce Club, I stopped dead in my tracks.  The room was GORGEOUS and I could have spent all afternoon in there photographing details.  Thankfully Allison was able to get there after the ceremony to document most of it for Morgan and Matt before guests found their seats!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-203 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-204 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-205 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-206 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-207 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-208-2 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-208 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-210 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-209 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-211 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-212 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-213 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-214 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-215 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-216 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-217 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-218 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-219 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-220 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-221

Matt danced with his mom…

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-222 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-223

And then danced with his grandma who was SO touched that she couldn’t hold back her tears during the entire dance!

elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-224 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-225 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-226 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-227 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-228 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-229 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-230 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-231 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-232 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-233 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-234 elegant-wedding-greenville-sc-235

Many thanks to the talented team of vendors who made Morgan & Matt’s wedding so wonderful!

Getting Ready & First Look | Hyatt Regency
Ceremony | Daniel Chapel, Furman University 
Reception | The Commerce Club
Wedding Dress | Kenneth Winston from New York Bride & Groom

Invitations | Wedding Paper Divas
Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Bella Bridesmaids
Groomsman Suits | Men’s Warehouse
Hair & Makeup Artist | Cotton Rouge
Florist | Dahlia A Florist
Videographer | Fields Films
Ceremony Music | Bride’s Brother, Seth Black & cousin, Will Pitts
DJ | The Party Machine
Catering | The Commerce Club
Cake Artist | Couture Cakes

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