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July 31, 2019

Claudia + Andy | A Bald Rock Engagement Session

When we were first talking about their engagement session and where we should go, Claudia asked me if we could go somewhere other than one of the popular parks in downtown Greenville.  In my head, I thought, of course we can!  But as I read their answers to some of the questions I’d sent them, I discovered that they are adventure seekers and loved the outdoors so then I laughed and told them I was actually going to refuse to take them to that park!  They needed something more removed from the city and some place that was more open and adventurous than downtown.

So off to the mountains we went!

Andy actually has his dog, Samson, to thank for bringing he and Claudia together.  When Samson was just 6 months old, Andy took him to a friend’s house with him where Claudia just happened to be hanging out.  She only had eyes for Samson, who also seemed to be smitten with her!  She loved the puppy so much that even before getting to know Andy very well, had offered to dog-sit for him while he finished up his masters work.

Thankfully, her eyes soon shifted from Samson to Andy and she fell for him too :-)  The best part?  Samson is going to be at the wedding in October and I can’t WAIT to photograph the 3 of them together!

I love this one – and Claudia’s smile – SO MUCH!

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  1. […] You guys.  This adorable dog’s name is Samson and he was the “ring bearer”.  He’s actually the reason Claudia and Andy met and started getting to know each other.  But you can read more about him on their engagement post. […]

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