February 12, 2020

Eliza Louise | At-Home Newborn Session

Eliza’s sweet nursery is quite possibly the most beautiful room I’ve ever stepped foot in.  I even asked Laura if I could just move in… I’m still swooning over it as I edit and post these!

I’m also still in awe of all God has done this past year.  My heart is on the pages of this blog HERE so you’ll know why this session has so much meaning.  While we were still at the hospital waiting for Eliza to be born, we talked about taking newborn photos after Laura and Andrew brought her home.  I couldn’t get over the idea of them holding their baby girl in their arms at their home… in her nursery and next to photos of her brother, Hudson.

It’s almost impossible for me to look at photos of this sweet, squishy faced girl and not get emotional.  You are SO loved, baby girl!  I hope you know the love God has for you, that you never doubt the plan God has for you or the adoration your family feels for you.

The framed photos on the wall… and on the shelf… are from Eliza’s birth.  Just a week and a half after her birth!

I think Eliza’s crib may be my favorite crib ever!

Piper (the furry one!) and Eliza still aren’t so sure of one another…

I can’t get over this black & white one of Eliza snuggling in her mama’s shoulder.

The below photo on the right is the wall in their bedroom devoted to Hudson.  It has photos from Laura and Andrew’s maternity session and hudson’s birth along with an ultrasound photo.  The shadowbox contains the program from his memorial service, his footprints in a small bible and his foot and handprints in plaster.  Laura had sent me a photo of this wall not long after she’d completed it, but being able to see it in person and take photos of them with their daughter made my heart swell with joy and grief all at the same

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