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December 28, 2012

Families | A Sunset Session Before Christmas

I’ve been dying to post these since I came home the evening we met up.  The early part of December was unseasonably warm (which is why Kelly is sporting a SLEEVELESS SHIRT!) and the light was amazing.  Actually, the light was every photographer’s dream!  AND, it was the first time I was able to try out my new 85mm lens.  So, with all of those things combined, I came home that evening and was one happy photographer!  Not to mention Kelly is one of my best friends and I’ve known her and John since college and their daughter is my favorite 2 year old “niece” (hello run on sentence…).

We’d actually been trying to get together since Harper’s birthday in October (another reason she’s so awesome! October birthdays rule!), but as they say, “Life was crazy!”  But if we had done this earlier, she wouldn’t have been able to wear her super adorable Christmas dress with sparkly red shoes.  And I don’t know that the light would have been as wonderful as it was.  But enough about the light (that post is coming next week)!

(Geez, I really like parenthesis today, don’t I??)

Kelly and John were using these photos as Christmas gifts so I wasn’t able to share them until now.  Yay!  Thank you guys so much for letting me live life with you all of these years.  You’ve both been such a big part of my life and my dreams and my career and I’m forever grateful!

Now… onto the good stuff!

Did I not tell you the dress was adorable??

Harper is 2.  Which means she is a very busy young lady with lots to do and lots to see.

She also likes to run… and looks way cuter running than I ever will!

The one on the left?  Melts my heart every time!

Oh. Em. Gee.  I love that little laugh!

Um, Kelly…. you’re gorgeous.
And your hair and clothes make me covet your sense of style (which shouldn’t be new information!).

I LOVE the one on the right.  Not because they’re kissing!  I love it because of the way Harper is sitting!

Presh.  Seriously.

*sigh*  This is what photographers dream of.  A field of wheat during the golden hour before sunset and a family that loves each other deeply.

That smile on John’s face is from him watching his little girl take this picture (with a bit of help from me as she sat in my lap…).

Favorite. Picture. Ever.

For some reason, unbeknownst to the rest of us, Harper wanted to check John’s teeth.  Maybe we have a future dentist on our hands…?

Second favorite picture ever.

And this?  This is Harper making her “sad face”.  After which she would erupt in laughter because Kelly and I were laughing so hard!

And this one?  Well, it’s my third favorite picture ever :-)

If you guys are signed onto J.Crew for their next catalogue, please at least let me come watch from the side lines!  Y’all are so adorable.

Happy Friday!

  1. Kelly says:

    Sabrina! You are amazing!! Thank you for capturing our family SO beautifully! We are so thankful for you and blessed by your talent. Love you!

  2. Elisha says:

    Oh My Word. These turned out BEAUTIFULY! Im loving the new lense! and Kelly, your family is so precious. Way to go Sabrina!

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