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December 27, 2012

My Favorite Wedding Images from 2012

Over the past four years in the wedding photography industry I’ve seen others do blog posts about their favorite images from the year and I always love it!  Part of it is because I get a glimpse into the photographer who took the images to see what his or her favorites were and I get to see an overview of their work all in one post!  The other part of these posts is that they’re walking us into the new year.  I just love this time of year as everyone seems to be wrapping things up, planning for the coming year and dreaming.  It’s fresh, it’s a clean slate, and a new beginning.  And I can’t wait!

But for now, here are my favorite images of our couples from this year.  And let me tell you… this was no easy task.  As I’ve mentioned before, by the time a couple’s wedding day arrives, I’ve met with the bride (and maybe groom) at least once to see if we would be a fit, we’ve probably either done engagement pictures or a bridal session, and I’ve emailed or talked with the bride several times over email or phone calls!  So, when I arrive on their wedding day, we really are friends!  So, looking back at all of these weddings and all of their images isn’t just looking back at work I’ve done over the year… I’m looking back at some of the happiest days that my friends had this year!  It’s just fun!  And it makes narrowing it down to just a couple images per wedding REALLY DIFFICULT :-)

I know I’ve said it a couple of times already, but I’m going to say it again (and maybe another time or two before 2013 arrives), but THANK YOU guys for such an amazingly wonderful year!  Without my amazing clients and all of you blog readers, your encouragement, your comments, your support, this year wouldn’t have been half as fun as it was!

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