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February 17, 2014

Featured | How He Asked & Two Bright Lights

It’s always such an honor to be featured on another blog.  But not just for the sake of my own work, but the work of my brides & grooms!  There is a LOT that goes into a wedding day or a proposal and when their story is shared through another blog other than this one, it’s such an honor!

Stacey over at How He Asked is so wonderful and I always love seeing an email from her in my inbox when I’ve submitted a proposal.  Proposal days are no joke and while I’ve never asked anyone to marry me before, I’ve been on the receiving end AND on the “we’re in on the details” end.  And before the groom-to-be goes down on one knee, I’m pretty sure my heart rate is close to what his might be! (So didn’t mean to make all of that rhyme!)  We love capturing proposals because they’re just as happy and amazing as wedding days are… seriously, I have the best job!  So when Stacey emailed me to let me know she loved Leigh and Phillip’s proposal and would be publishing it the very next day, I was so excited!

You can see the full feature here!

Featured on How He Asked blog

And you guys might remember Sheila and Bill’s wedding that happened up in the mountains last year… it was such a beautiful and joyful weekend and when I got an email from Two Bright Lights saying they wanted to feature it on Valentine’s Day, I could not have been more thrilled!  Granted, when that email came through, it seemed like Valentine’s was ages away, but here it is, already come and gone!  So be sure to check out their full feature here!

Featured on Two Bright Lights blog

Happy Monday, everyone!

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