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May 26, 2020

Heirlooms | Albums, Legacy Prints & Heirloom Boxes

It’s been much too long of a minute since I last posted.  I’m not sure that the blog has seen this much inactivity since… well, I’m not sure when.  But as Covid-19 has hit the world, lots of things came to a bit of a halt.  Apparently, this blog was one of them!

With school being cancelled and quarantine happening, I tried my best to give myself grace when it came to work.  Instagram was what I chose to keep up with so if you’d like a quick peek with those posts, click HERE!

I’m so excited to be blogging again, especially because there are so many fun posts coming.  BUT FIRST!  I wanted to introduce everyone to something I’ve been dreaming of for ages.  My brides found out about this a few weeks ago but I wanted my future brides to have a place where they could see the heirloom pieces available to them when they book with me!

Lots of little ones dream of the day they get to marry their best friend, when a princess and her prince say, “I do” and ride off into the sunset.  Which means, we’ve spent years dreaming of something that lasts less than 24 hours.  Weddings are wonderful and I just adore them!!  And I’m one of the lucky ones that has the chance to experience them over and over again :-)  And each wedding day I walk into, reminds me of my own wedding, which inevitably takes me back to flipping through my own wedding album and/or photos.

Wedding days are fleeting; they go by SO quickly.  So imagine if you lived your dream day, loved every minute, but then had nothing but the images on your phone to scroll through… don’t get me wrong, digital images are wonderful!  I look at those often too!  But do you know what our daughters love to look at the most?  Our wedding album.  They want to hold it in their hands, turn the pages, and look at each photo in turn.  They squeal with delight at the photos of their cousins (who were so much younger then!) and grandparents, aunts and uncles and friends that they’ve come to know and love.

The Leather Wedding Album

The Suede Wedding Album (with available colors)

The Linen Wedding Album

Some of the Available Linen Colors

And each time I’m designing an album for one of my couples, I realize halfway through that I’ve been smiling the entire time because this book of memories isn’t just for them, it’s for their children and grandchildren to grow up with and to inherit one day.

Imagine being at your granddaughter’s wedding decades from now.  She and her new husband are twirling around the dance floor while you and your husband look on from a distance.  Out of the corner of your eye, you see a table full of photo frames and one in particular catches your eye.  The man whose hand you’re holding is looking back at you from across the room, from inside a beautiful frame.  You’re immediately transported back to your own wedding day, which feels like yesterday but also a lifetime ago.  Later that evening, you’re still pondering on that one image but after walking through the door at home, you go straight for your wedding album.  It’s a little more loved on now than it was decades ago, but the pages and the photos have become so familiar that it still looks brand new to you.

You and your husband sit down and flip through the pages, laughing at how nervous but excited you were.  Tearing up that your own parents are no longer with you.  But smiling huge smiles at how young and innocent and in love you were!  And you might get teary once again as you let your mind fast forward through your own children being born, then holding your grandchildren for the first time… and now one of them has a husband of her own.

It’s beyond you how quickly time has flown by… But to think that the wedding you just celebrated that very evening is a part of the legacy that began with the memories you hold in your hand, in your very first heirloom piece you ever owned, brings you so much happiness that your heart swells with joy!

These aren’t just books and boxes of photos.  These are memories that you’ll be able to share with the generations to come after you!  Technology is going to change (over and over and over again!) by the time our children are walking down the aisle.  But what won’t change are those memories in print.

Legacy Prints and their beautiful linen box

The Heirloom Box + Proof Prints

From top to bottom: Suede, Leather, Linen and Linen Heirloom Box for Proof Prints

I adore all things photography… but what I’ve loved these last few years is getting physical prints and albums into the hands of my couples and their families.
There’s something so sweet and special about being able to hold your memories in your hands to look at, laugh with and maybe get teary-eyed over.  Sometimes you may find yourself hugging those photos too.
I’d love to chat more about getting your memories into your hands!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me or contact me through my website HERE.

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