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October 12, 2017

Jennifer + James | St. John’s Lutheran Church & Piedmont Club Wedding

The day didn’t start as planned.  Not only was it drizzling and humid outside, but Jennifer was sick the morning of her wedding.  No couple wants anything to go wrong on their wedding day and I would have done anything to have been the sick one instead of her!

But to watch her friends and family – and especially James – take care of her and love on her was one of the most heartwarming things to witness.  Plus, everything, especially Jennifer, was just beautiful on Saturday!  The details were gorgeous, the florals were stunning (with their orange as a nod to Clemson!), the overcast sky actually made their colors pop even more, and the reception was a blast for everyone (including the grandparents)!

Jennifer and James, I hope you have some of the sweetest memories from your wedding day because each time I think of James leaning in to check on his new bride or y’all doing your “handshake”, it brings a huge smile to my face.  I hope your mini-moon was as restful as could be and that the anticipation for your full honeymoon in a couple of months is even greater now than it was last week before the wedding!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-101 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-102 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-103 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-104 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-105 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-106 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-107 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-108 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-109 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-110 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-111

Second shooters are worth their weight in gold… especially when ones like Amy Keely capture detail shots like this one of James’s cufflinks!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-112 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-113 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-114

James wanted Jennifer to read his note to her out loud and I couldn’t help but watch his mom as she heard her son’s words to his soon-to-be-bride!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-115 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-116 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-117 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-118 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-119 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-120 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-121 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-122 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-123

I love how James can make her smile like no one else can!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-124 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-125 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-126 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-127 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-128 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-129 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-130 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-131 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-132

This might be one of my favorite wedding party photos this year!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-133 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-134 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-135 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-136 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-137 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-138 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-139 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-140 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-141 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-142 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-143 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-144 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-145

James has two sisters and Jennifer has two brothers and those sibling relationships were some of my favorite to witness on Saturday.

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-146 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-147

This one is by far a favorite from Saturday!!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-148 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-149 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-150 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-151 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-152 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-153 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-154 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-155 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-156 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-157 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-158 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-159 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-160 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-161 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-162 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-163 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-164 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-165



Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-168 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-169 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-170 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-171 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-172 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-173 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-174 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-175 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-176 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-177 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-178 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-179 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-180 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-182 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-183 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-184 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-185 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-186 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-187

I almost can’t stand how adorable this one of them toasting is!!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-188 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-189 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-190 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-191

Instead of doing a bouquet toss, they gave Jennifer’s bouquet to the couple who “won” the anniversary dance.
James’s grandparents had just celebrated 62 years of marriage a month before!!  How adorable are they?!?

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-192 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-193

And since they had been to 11 weddings this year prior to their own (they claimed they had no single friends left, ha!), they had a unique twist to the garter toss.  James put Jennifer’s garter on a Clemson football, signed by head coach Dabo Swinny, and tossed it into the crowd.  Anyone that wanted to try and catch it could join in!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-194 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-195

If you haven’t seen my blog post about the significance of these photos below, please go check it out HERE!

Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-196 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-197 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-198


Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-199 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-200 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-201 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-202 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-203 Spartanburg-PiedmontClub-Wedding-204

So many thanks to all of the incredible vendors, friends, and family who made this day possible for Jennifer + James!

Ceremony | St. John’s Lutheran Church
Ceremony Coordinator | Cindy Hicks
Reception | The Piedmont Club
Wedding Dress | Poffie Girls, David Tutera
Bridesmaids dresses |  Weddington Way
Groomsmen’s Suits | Men’s Warehouse, Vera Wang
Wedding Day Coordinator | Sheena Anderson
Hair & Makeup Artist | Kim Rivera
Florals | Greg Foster
Videographer | Brandon Short
Master of Ceremony | Paul Hoke
DJ | Greg Hemric with Heirloom Entertainment
Officient | Nowell Copley
Ceremony Organist | Frankie Deal
Invitations | Paisley & Paper, Crane & Co.
Wedding Programs | Minges Printing, Gastonia
Wedding Cake | Kathy & Co.
Catering | The Piedmont Club

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    Absolutely Beautiful!

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