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May 23, 2018

Katie + Sam | A Clemson University Engagement

The title of this post should actually contain some version of how small of a world it is.  But I promise to not start singing the song!

Katie and Sam both attended Clemson (in South Carolina) for their undergraduate degrees but didn’t actually meet until they were both living and working in San Francisco.  But it was still Clemson that brought them together!

There are “Clemson Clubs” around the country that do things so that alumni can get together no matter where they’ve ended up after graduation.  They’re mostly focused on watching games, specifically football, and this is exactly where Katie and Sam first met several years ago.  But it wasn’t until two football seasons later that anything transpired!

After watching one of the games, several people were then going to a Halloween party and Katie invited Sam along, which is where they began talking more than ever.  Before saying goodnight (after he’d been the gentleman and walked Katie and her friend to her apartment) she asked him for his number and they’ve been together ever since!

I loved getting to meet these two in one of my favorite towns for their engagement session last week.  There is something special about Clemson and each time I drive onto campus, no matter how long it’s been since I was last there, it feels like I’m coming home.

Katie and Sam, I loved spending the sunny/windy/rainy afternoon with you both!  It just makes me that much more excited for your wedding in October!

Both of Katie’s adorable dresses were from Rent the Runway!
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  1. Barby Lowe says:

    These are fantastic pictures. What a great looking couple.

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