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December 3, 2015

Macro RainDrops

There aren’t many times that I blog about the weather… in fact, I’m positive that it’s never been the subject of a blog post before.  But we have seen SO much rain this fall in South Carolina that it feels like any time the sun comes out there’s reason for celebration!

Photographers across the upstate have been lamenting the rain because most of us are natural light photographers, which means if it’s raining, we don’t work.  In fact, one of my sweet brides has had to reschedule her bridal session 2 times already because no one wants her out in the rain in her dress before her wedding day!

So, if you hear lots of shouts of joy coming from the east coast today… this is why :-)

If you’re curious about the geeky information for this photo, it was shot with a macro 105mm at 400 ISO, f5.0, 1/640sec.


There are some fun things that can be done in the rain though and I’ve had a couple of sessions where my clients and I embraced it and ran with it… and they were amazing!  Remember this ring shot on the wet wing of a plane?  This photo wouldn’t have been nearly as fun without the rain drops.

This ring shot was also with my 105mm macro lens: 800 ISO, f4.0, 1/1250sec


And while it wasn’t pouring rain, it was misting for Turner and Ben and the umbrella makes it all the more romantic :-)


And the most recent session was with Morgan and Matt.  How adorable is she??


So while I’m all about embracing the rain when we need to, I’m SOOO thankful the sun is out today!  Let’s hope it sticks around for a while :-)

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