October 28, 2022

Marion Josephine | AnMed Health | Greenville Birth Photographer

It almost doesn’t seem real.  After 2.5 years, I was able to be in a hospital for a family welcoming a new baby into the world!

When Patricia emailed saying they were expecting their third, I cautiously told her we could book everything and take it a week at a time.  And the closer we got to her due date, the less I was holding my breath.  It looked like they really could have me in the delivery room to capture their baby’s birth story!

After being there for their first baby in 2016 and their second in 2018, I was SO excited to be there for this one.  Both of their others arrived in the middle of the night and this one followed along in the older sibling’s footsteps.

We had been texted and I had just decided to make a cup of coffee at 11:50pm and stay awake instead of trying to sleep for a bit.  And I’m SO thankful for that decision because just 4 minutes later, they called to say they were being admitted and that Patricia was already at 6cm.

I left my driveway at exactly midnight, arrived at the hospital 45 minutes later, was in their room at 1am (only because there was a slight misunderstanding with the night guard thinking only one visitor per room was allowed. Thankfully a nurse came to the lobby to get me and corrected him that 2 visitors could be with the mama!).

They didn’t find out the gender this time around so we were all anticipating what the doctor would tell us… And at 1:37am when he said, “It’s a girl!” we all smiled, but Patricia flashed an even brighter smile at Dustin!

We all three said multiple times how thankful we were for this.  And I’m beyond thrilled to share photos from Marion’s birth!

Be sure to scroll to the end to see a sneak peek of her newborn photos with her older siblings!

How precious is this new family of 5??

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