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September 1, 2016

Kennedy Jude | Anderson Birth Photographer | AnMed Health

The week leading up to her due date, I was checking in with Patricia fairly often to see how she was feeling and to see if Kennedy was showing any signs of wanting to join us on the outside.  But, she was snuggly staying put!  So, Thursday evening, Patricia and her husband, Dustin, checked into the hospital to be induced.  All of us expected that Kennedy would make her arrival sometime Friday afternoon or evening, because let’s face it, most inductions are fairly slow going.

But again, sweet Miss Kennedy had other plans!  At 2:09am, Dustin called me to say that Patricia was moving along fairly quickly… much faster than anyone had anticipated!  Thankfully I’d taken the chance that this might happen and had showered before going to bed and had set clothes out just in case.  So I was out the door in no time and walking into the hospital at 3:00am!

Sweet Kennedy Jude made her official debut at 4:22am.  I was just thankful that I made it there in plenty of time and was able to capture such incredibly sweet moments of her with her parents and then meeting both grandmothers!  Congrats again to your family, Patricia and Dustin!  And thank you for allowing me to be a part of this day with you!

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-101 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-102 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-103 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-104 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-105

This may be one of my favorite laboring photos… her holding onto him and his hand reassuringly on her back.

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-106 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-107 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-108 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-109 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-110 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-111 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-112 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-113

That smile on her face says it all!

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-114 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-115 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-116 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-117 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-118 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-119 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-120 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-121 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-122 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-123 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-124

Oh my heavens… you guys.  I love everything about this!

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-125 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-126 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-127 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-128 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-129 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-130 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-131 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-132 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-133 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-134 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-135 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-136 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-137 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-138

Oh how I love those squishy little newborns!


Patricia’s dad passed away a few years ago and so she and her siblings rotate who has his Clemson ring.  If something big is happening, like a graduation, wedding or birth, then that sibling gets the ring for a bit.  She wasn’t sure what kind of photos she wanted, but she knew that she wanted hers and Dustin’s rings along with her dad’s ring to be in a photo with Kennedy.  So, Dustin held her tiny little feet and we captured this.

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-140 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-141 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-142 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-143 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-144 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-145 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-146 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-147 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-148 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-149 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-150 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-151 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-152

I left the one on the right in color so you could see how adorable their little Thank You bags were!

Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-153 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-154 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-155 Anderson-AnMed-Birth-Photography-156

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