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Monday Musings

December 8, 2014

Monday Musings | 10 More Weeks!

This Saturday, we went to a prepared childbirth retreat/class at the hospital from 9am until about 3pm.  It was definitely helpful, but I think it only made me more excited to meet this little one doing her daily gymnastics and kung fu workouts inside me.  And as of tomorrow, it’s just 10 more weeks until her due date!  Ah!

I’m so excited to meet her and see what she looks like (although I think we’ve determined from the 4-D sonogram photos that she has the nose I had when I was a baby!).  I’m so excited to snuggle with her (and I’m praying she likes to snuggle!).  I’m so excited to just soak her in and enjoy this new stage of life.

Until then, Ben and I are going to soak in THIS stage of life, this last Christmas just the two of us, and a house that’s not covered head to toe in baby items ;-)

Don’t forget… you have until midnight to vote in the 2014 Canvas Contest!  You can vote once every 12 hours!

These are my baby bump photos from weeks 28 and 29… can’t wait to meet this baby girl!


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