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Monday Musings

January 26, 2015

Monday Musings | A Year Later

This very same weekend last year, my friend Arica brought this guy, Chris, to Greenville to meet us.  And, if we’re being honest, she also brought him to get our approval.  Well, it took us about a day to figure out that he was wonderful and at the end of the weekend, we sent them off with our blessing!  ha!

We also were able to tell them that weekend that we were pregnant and would be expecting a baby in September!  There were lots of happy tears and good conversations that weekend.  And what’s crazy is just how much life has changed in just a year…!

As you know, that first pregnancy wasn’t viable so our spring months were a little more out of whack than we’d planned.  So while last year didn’t turn out like we thought it would, we still saw Him working!  And at the end of that spring, Arica called to say she was engaged so wedding planning for her October wedding began!

So this year’s trip to Greenville looked SO different than last year’s trip!  Chris and Arica are married, we’ve moved, they were able to stay with us in our house and in our guest room (yay!) and Arica helped some friends throw a beautiful baby shower over the weekend.

It was a short weekend and I only took THREE photos the entire time… but they’re fun ones so I wanted to share :-)

We took them to Tandem up in Travelers Rest for crêpes when they got here on Saturday.
(and we laughed with the girl in orange after we saw that she’d photobombed our picture!  Love it!)


My friend Nora of the Cookie Kiln made some cookies for the shower… and since Catherine and I share a middle and last name, she used my monogram and put Catherine’s C inside my S!  How adorable are they?!?  And don’t worry, they’re as delicious as they are cute.  There’s only one left and I’m sure it’ll be gone by this afternoon ;-)


And this was our “One Year Later” picture with baby Catherine a few weeks away from her birthday and Mrs. Arica LEE!!


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