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Monday Musings

February 22, 2016

Monday Musings | Cabin Weekend

It’s been about two and a half years since we took a trip up to Pigeon Forge to stay in a cabin for the weekend.  And I’ve missed it!!  But when we were looking at the calendar and trying to figure out when we could see Chris and Arica, it all fell together for us to meet half way between us and them and rent a cabin through VRBO for the weekend.

So, a few tidbits about our weekend away:

  • I still love living closer to Arica than when she was in TX. And Pigeon Forge is the perfect halfway spot for us!
  • It was really fun taking Catherine this time.  She provided plenty of entertainment and slept like a champ!
  • We got her one of these PeaPods for traveling and it’s PERFECT.  Before this weekend she’d taken a couple naps in it, but that was it and I was worried about how she would do during the night. But she slept through the night without any trouble!
  • Spending Saturday inside with good friends, lots of good food, several rounds of board games while lounging in yoga pants and long sleeve t-shirts is pretty much my dream (winter) vacation.
  • We spent Sunday lunch at the Apple Barn and once again it did not disappoint!
  • We were also able to stock up on our Amish Popcorn because we’re finally starting to run low again.

I did take my DSLR for the weekend but never pulled it out.  We were too busy hanging out, eating and playing games for the big camera to come out.  So enjoy a glimpse into the weekend through myiPhone!


She is so curious… and her daddy tells her all the time that it’s why her friends call her Whiskers, because she’s curious like a cat :-)


She’s still not too sure about this whole walking thing…


It was such a cute little cabin!  One bedroom was off the kitchen (with its own huge bathroom and tub) and downstairs was a pool table in one room and then another bedroom with a bathroom inside of it.  It was perfect for us!

CabinWknd-Feb2016-104 CabinWknd-Feb2016-105 CabinWknd-Feb2016-106 CabinWknd-Feb2016-107 CabinWknd-Feb2016-108 Happy Monday!

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