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Monday Musings

November 17, 2014

Monday Musings | 3 States, 2 Weddings, & A Thank You

And just like that, our 2014 wedding season is over!

We’ve been anticipating this past weekend for a while because not only did we have our last two weddings of the year and not only were they in two different states, but Ben and I were also in two different states for most of the week.

He and his friend Joel spent the week up in New York City doing as much as they possibly could… I really wish I could have gone too, but with the weddings and being pregnant, I just wouldn’t have been able to manage all of the walking they did!  Ben said one of the days they walked over 6 miles.  I would have been done after 3.  Plus, it gave them some good guy time without having to worry about me at all.

And since Ben was doing that, that’s why I decided to just go to Charleston for the week!  And it was perfect that Justin & Mary’s Walk Through A Wedding was last week so I could help with that, hang out with some out of town friends, see some friends that live in Summerville, and then get some work done while I waited on Ben to fly into Charleston on Friday!

A few things that transpired last week:

  • As much as I love this baby girl, I keep forgetting that my body is just different because of her and I do actually need to sit down more often.  And at the end of the day, no matter what I’ve been doing, my hips hurt and my stomach is super tight on my right side.
  • While waiting on Ben’s flight on Friday, I decided to just order pizza and eat in our hotel room while I worked some.  I love trying out local places so I called the first one in the hotel’s directory.  It was closed for renovations.  So I called the next one.  ALSO closed for renovations.  Neither place mentioned this on their websites.
  • By my third pizza ordering attempt, I figured having it delivered would be perfect.  So I tried the THIRD pizza place in the hotel directory (which also said, “We deliver to your hotel!”).  Well, delivery minimum was $50 and they did not, in fact, deliver to my hotel.  But by this time, I was starving and a 15 minute drive to pick it up was better than trying a 4th place!
  • My husband is a rock star… he drove us from Charleston to Georgia yesterday morning (4+hours), helped shoot a wedding, then drove us the 2+ hours home last night.  He was in bed and asleep before I could even get our cards downloaded.

This has been such an amazing year of weddings and while I’ll share more of my favorites and things as we head into December (um… Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK, you guys!), I wanted to say a quick thank you to my brides!

Oh my goodness… you girls.  Thank you SO MUCH for everything this year!  We’ve laughed a lot together, we’ve cried together (happy and some sad tears), we’ve celebrated together and hopefully haven’t stressed too much ;-)  I could not have made it through this crazy year without you girls and your love and encouragement and even your excitement as we found out about this sweet baby girl!  God has blessed us so much with each of you and your husbands!  We love all of you and can’t wait to see how your love continues to grow.

And since every post is better with a picture (or two), I wanted to share a peek at the florals from this weekend’s weddings!

The first one is from Rachel & Andrew’s classic Charleston wedding… I mean, succulents AND sweetgrass roses?!?!  LOVE!


And this one is from Jennifer and Hunter’s beautiful shabby chic wedding. SO in love with all that color!!


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