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November 18, 2014

Rachel + Andrew | A Downtown Charleston Wedding

We had brunch with Rachel and Andrew when we were in Charleston a few weeks ago and it reminded me how fun, laid back, and easy going they are.  Which only made me that much more excited for their wedding day!  I knew it was going to be spectacular and I knew that Rachel was going to have everything just how she wanted it.

It was a cold November day (especially for Charleston!) but walking into her hotel room where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready, it was warm and full of laughter and activity.  Although the roaring fireplace definitely played a part in keeping it warm!  These girls, Rachel’s parents, Andrew and his guys and his family were SO amazing!  And it’s easy to see where Rachel and Andrew get their caring hearts and laid back personalities.

Rachel and Andrew, you guys are MARRIED!!!  It was such a joy to be a part of the day and such an honor to be the ones to capture the memories for you.  You guys are wonderful and we love you!

We started out at The Vendue capturing the details in the stunning lobby!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-101 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-102

When Rachel told me that she had picked up 300+ sweetgrass roses for bouquets and center pieces, my heart leapt with excitement!
But when she mentioned that she would be using succulents and cotton with the decorations too, I fell more in love with this girl!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-103 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-104 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-105 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-106 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-107 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-108

Earring photos are something I struggle with and Ben suggested hooking her earrings into one of the sweetgrass roses of Rachel’s bouquet.
She had these hand made just for the wedding so I wanted to show them off and I LOVE how the photo turned out!  So thankful for Ben’s eye!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-109 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-110 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-111 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-112 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-113 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-114

Andrew’s brother (who was married last summer) had bow ties at his wedding so I KNEW Andrew would have them at his own!


Rachel’s “something blue” was from her dad’s mom with her initials on it.  They tied so many family traditions and details into their day, which made it even more special than it already was.

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-116 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-117

Rachel… oh my goodness.  Between your dress and that light and your beautiful self, this portrait is STUNNING!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-119 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-120 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-121

They opted to see each other before the ceremony, which gave us plenty of time for them to soak in the day.

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-122 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-123 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-124 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-125

Ben’s angle…


My angle…

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-127 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-128 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-129 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-130

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-131 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-133 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-134 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-135 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-137 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-138 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-139

Loved these girls!  And those dresses!
Mary Beth (on the far right) was the one who did all of the florals… She is to talented!!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-140 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-141 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-142 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-143 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-144 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-145 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-146 Charleston sweetgrass roses and succulent bouquets Classy-Charleston-Wedding-148 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-149 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-150 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-151 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-152

As if they didn’t have enough Charlestonian elements tied into their day, they had a trolly to take family and the wedding party to the ceremony!


And St. Luke’s was as beautiful outside as it was inside.  We could have just stayed and photographed HERE all day long!


I looooove finding detail shots like this when going through Ben’s images!!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-155 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-156 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-157 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-158 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-159 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-160


Classy-Charleston-Wedding-162 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-163

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-164 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-165 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-166

Just before they reached the end of the aisle, Rachel’s dad was laughing with joy and when she looked at him, she was beaming too.  It was SO sweet!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-167 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-168 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-169 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-170 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-171 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-172 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-173 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-174 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-175

They showed me this space after their engagement session but seeing all of THEIR details come together was breathtaking!

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-176 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-177 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-178

Amen, Julia Child… amen.

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-180 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-182 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-182b Classy-Charleston-Wedding-183 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-184 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-185 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-187 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-188 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-189 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-190 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-191

A not so secret secret… one of my favorite parts of the evening is to take the couple out of the reception for some photos once the sun has gone down.
It gives them a few more intimate and quiet moments in the midst of the celebration to just soak everything in…

Classy-Charleston-Wedding-192 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-193 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-194 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-195 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-196 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-197 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-198 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-199 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-200 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-201 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-202 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-203 Classy-Charleston-Wedding-204

Thanks so much to all the amazing vendors for making this day as wonderful as it was!
Getting Ready | The Vendue
Ceremony | St. Luke’s Chapel
Reception | The Harbour Club
Wedding Dress | Bridals by Jodi
Bridesmaids Dresses | J. Crew
Groomsmen’s Suits | MH Frank
Hair & Makeup Artist | Gillian Wade, Charleston I Do
Florals | Mary Beth Reagan (MOH), The Knoxville Flower Pot
DJ | FingerSnappin’ Entertainment
Wedding Invitations | Meghan Caudill, friend of the bride
Cake | Bubbies Bakery
Catering | The Harbour Club

  1. Peggy Seymore says:

    Sabrina, You and Ben have once again blessed our family with your wonderful photography and personal reflections on the pictures you both took. It has been a blessing to be associated with you both. We wish you and your new daughter a lifetime of happiness. Thank you again for adding to this special day as only the two of you could do.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.
    Best of everything to the three of you. :)

  2. Diana says:

    Sabrina – O.M.G. These are so fabulous!!! The portrait of Rachel and then the one of Binky right below adjusting his bowtie are PHENOMENAL!! And a few more down you got a pic of big Eric SMILING a REAL SMILE (b/c he had his arms around two hot girls, maybe???). So so gorgeous!

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