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November 1, 2021

Newborn Barrett | The Villiage Studio Newborn Session

This family <3  I’ve known them for so long that Will and Kala weren’t married when I first knew them… but they were dating!  And each year, when Will’s senior night photos from high school pop up, I send one to Kala.  If we are Facebook friends, you’ll be able to see those photos somewhere in my photo albums.  It will be worth looking for, trust me!

But way back then, I wouldn’t have imagined we’d be squishing them onto a pink couch with their THREE babies.  It still blows my mind in the best way possible.

I love you guys, the craziness that this season of life can be, and that I get to see you at least once a week at church (if not more often).  God has done so much in the last ____ years (it’s been too long and I refuse to do the math!) and I’m thankful to have shared the good, the hard, the tears and the laughter with you!  God continues to work and your three little ones are very tangible proof of that.

Between Tillman’s antics and Emmy’s facial expressions, I enjoyed editing these photos as much as I did taking them!

Sweet Barrett… I can’t wait to see your little personality develop!

I always try and get at least a couple photos of just mom and dad…
and don’t worry, the kiddos were all safely strapped into car seats (in the car with doors open) in the driveway directly behind me while we took these!

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Venue | The Village Studio

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