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November 2, 2018

Nora Capri | Fresh48 | St Francis

This was technically a Fresh48 session, which means a session of baby within 48 hours of birth.  But since I arrived as soon as I could after she was born, this was more like a Fresh1.5 Session instead!

I got there as soon as I could since I was waiting on the call that Sarah was closer to 10cm, but instead received a call that they were heading in for an “urgent c-section”.  It was urgent because even though baby Ri (sounds like Ree) was completely fine, her heart rate was dropping during contractions.  So, they wanted to make sure she didn’t face any extra stress during more labor and then delivery.

Ian was so calm when he called me, although I’m sure he didn’t feel calm!  And when I walked into their room to meet sweet Ri, Sarah had THE biggest smile on her face!  And it didn’t disappear the entire time I was there.  She was SO happy that her daughter was here and couldn’t believe how in love she was with this little baby.

Sarah and Ian, I am so thrilled for you both!  Ri is PRECIOUS and I’m so excited to share these photos of her!

I was DYING over Ian’s shirt and the onesie!

Ian’s mom was overwhelmed when meeting her first grandbaby, it was so sweet to watch them bond from the moment they met.

When Sarah’s twin sister, Amy, had her baby boy almost 2 years ago, Sarah walked into that delivery room and couldn’t hold back the tears.  I should have expected that Amy would have the same reaction to meeting her twin’s baby… and I should expected my own tears to come too!

If you’re interested in birth or Fresh48 photos of your own little one,
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