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August 17, 2018

Olivia Hamilton | Spartanburg Regional | Spartanburg Birth Photographer

There have been many things I’ve had the joy of doing in my short lifetime.  Photographing weddings is NOT something I take lightly, nor is any other shoot for that matter!  But being in a labor and delivery room or an operating room for a c-section is by far one of the most incredible, inspiring and miraculous things I have ever been able to do.

Karen had decided early on that if everything worked out, she wanted to go as natural as she could with the birth of her baby girl.  Not everyone is able to do that for all kinds of reasons.  And I tell my birth mamas that while I’m not anything close to medical staff, my hope for them is that baby arrives safely and mama gets through everything perfectly fine too.

But, this birth plan worked out for Karen and I’m still in awe of what she was able to do that day.  Labor came strong and fast and with her incredible husband by her side she tucked in and went for it.  Watching her labor without any medication was painful for me to watch (and Brad too, I assure you) because there was nothing I could do.

And when their baby girl arrived, I was actually sobbing (and I’m tearing up again just remembering the moment) for joy that she was here and in awe for what I had just watched Karen accomplish.  My body never gave me the chance to try what she did (and I never would have made it because my pain tolerance is maybe a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10).

This was my third birth to photograph in the month of July and the number of tears I shed increased with each one!  It was a crazy month, but it was for some very sweet babies and such incredible families and was 100% worth it.

Karen and Brad, thank you for allowing me into such an incredible piece of your lives – for the second time!  Oliva is a doll and I love that I was one of the first people to meet her!

Karen was progressing fast so she was already in the thick of contractions when I arrived.

And like I said, Brad was there every.step.of.the.way.

When mama is experiencing contractions, the rest of us are watching the monitor like hawks to know when it’s beginning to subside for her.

This was about the time I realized I was sobbing right along with Brad.

Karen’s entire staff were some of the MOST encouraging ladies!!

Beautiful girl, thank you for letting me photograph your engagement, your wedding, your adorable baby bump before Lucas arrived and now the birth of your daughter.  You are such a strong woman and you have such an amazing husband and family surrounding you.  I have loved being there with you for so many big life moments!

Brad, she is so lucky to have you as her daddy.
I know she must adore you to pieces already!

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