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April 15, 2022

Rhodes Cannon | At-Home Newborn Session | Greenville Newborn Photographer

My slow wedding season this winter/early spring has been full of newborn babies and I’m not mad about it!

Ashley and Clay have been in front of my camera many times by this point (they were engaged and married in 2014!) and I always love getting the chance to see them.  And now they have two little boys!

Rhodes was actually supposed to be an April baby but decided to come a bit early (like my own second little one…).  But he was so sleepy and peaceful during his session!  After our time together and after I put my camera away, he didn’t blink an eye when Ashley passed him over to me.  I actually only saw his eyes once or twice during the entire session!

Congratulations Ashley and Clay… and big brother, B!  I know you’re in the midst of sleepless nights but I hope you’re able to soak in the sweet in-between moments while the boys are still so little.  They are precious and are going to be the best of friends!

We need to take a moment for his hair… it’s so amazing!

PSA to Parents of toddlers and newborns (coming from one who has been there and one who photographs this season on a regular basis):  don’t expect too much from your toddler.  Their world has just been turned upside down with this other tiny human!  I promise we will capture some sweet moments.  At the very least, you will have some memories to laugh at as the years go by!  So keep expectations low. Let your toddler take some play breaks.  And truly, don’t stress.  None of this phases me and I hope it doesn’t phase you (much) either!

The snuggle photos are some of my favorites.

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