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May 3, 2018

Sinead + Paul | A Downtown Greenville Sunrise Engagement

This entire intro is going to make me sound old, but I’m ok with that.

Sinead was a freshman in high school when I first met her.  And a little like me, high school was not the most wonderful time of her life.  But I knew that once she got to college and began to figure out who she was and what she was meant to do, she would come out of her shell and flourish.  And I’m so thankful I was right!

This beautiful girl loved college, but I think especially because she met Paul while she was there.  Charleston was definitely good for both of them!  I’m beyond excited for these two and that Sinead found a guy who is just right for her!  After they met at a friend’s birthday party one Friday night, Paul asked her out for brunch Sunday morning because that was the next possible time they both had free to see each other again.  That takes confidence and I love that Paul is still pursuing her.

You both are amazing and I’m so excited for your wedding this fall!


If you ever have the chance to be in downtown Greenville at sunrise (preferably in the warmer months!), you should take it.

sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-102 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-103 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-104 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-105 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-107

Stop it, you two.  SO adorable.

sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-106 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-108

That morning glow, though!

sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-109 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-110 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-111 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-112 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-113 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-114 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-115 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-116 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-117 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-118 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-119 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-120 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-121

What you don’t realize from any of these photos is that we ran into about 1 million dogs that morning because it happened to be the day of the Mutt Strut in downtown!  Thankfully downtown Greenville is big enough that we were able to find some secluded spots that still had beautiful light!

sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-122 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-123 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-124 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-125 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-126 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-127 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-128

I just love this one of them SOO much.

sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-129 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-130 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-131

This spot on the bridge was just a few steps away from where Paul asked Sinead to be his wife, so of course we needed a photo!

sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-132 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-133 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-134 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-135 sunrise-Greenville-engagement-photos-136

I’m still learning a LOT about medium format film, but the scattering of film scans in this post make my heart flutter.
Especially this last one.  I’m slightly in love with it, but also because of the people in it.
Thank you two for getting up SO early for your session… it was completely worth it!


If you enjoyed Sinead and Paul’s engagement photos, I would love for you to see more sessions HERE.
Film scans by Richard Photo Lab

  1. Anthony Ross says:

    Congratulations to two wonderful souls – may you two have the blessings of many more souls

  2. Keith Valentine says:

    Inspiring how happy and connected you both are — your best and most exciting years of family and friends are ahead!

  3. Siobhan Rose-Innes says:

    So beautiful! Love every single one of these! Thank you Sabrina!

  4. Aaron and Kerry says:

    Congratulations to a beautiful couple! We wish you the best that life has to offer and many happy returns of the day you fell in love.

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