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July 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday | A Simple Thanks

This isn’t just a job for me.  As I get to know my brides and grooms during their engagement, a connection is built.  I hear their stories, learn how they love each other, and get the honor of capturing their first day as husband and wife.  And knowing that the images we provide will be the ones they look at as they grow older, as they grow a family, and as their children get married sends chills down my spine!  This isn’t just a job for me… it’s part of my life.  So as that connection is built with my couples, a friendship is formed.  So when their wedding day rolls around, it’s not just a job for me because I’m getting to photograph two friends starting their adventure – together – as husband and wife.

In 60 years, they’ll both have a different look in their eyes than they did on their wedding day. The look in their eye will be a stronger love, a stronger commitment, with a stronger connection than they thought possible.  And while they may have forgotten my name by the time their 60th anniversary rolls around, just knowing that I helped provide them a window back into the first day of their adventure as husband and wife means the world to me.

I got a thank you note the other day from one of my brides that almost had me in tears.  She put into words everything I’ve been striving to do with this business… and my heart leapt with joy!  Not because I had “arrived” and accomplished what I wanted to, but because what Ben and I do has had an impact.  And sometimes just knowing you’re making a difference in someone’s life brings more “job satisfaction” than any photo I’ll ever take.

So… to all of my brides… past, present, and future.  Thanks.  Thanks for trusting me.  Thanks for believing in me.  And thanks for the encouragement you give me along the way.  It wouldn’t be possible to be living this dream or loving it as much as I do without each of you!

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