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August 15, 2016

We Have News (Again)!!

Almost exactly 2 years ago, we announced that baby Fields was on the way… and in February 2015, Catherine Marie joined our little family!  So, we are thrilled to tell you guys that the week after Catherine turns 2, baby Fields #2 will make her arrival!

Yep, you read that right… It’s another GIRL!!
(Catherine’s shirt says “Promoted to Big Sister”…
and big thanks to Kim DeLoach for capturing this for us and getting Catherine to smile!)

View More: http://kimdeloachphoto.pass.us/sabrina2016

Since I’m over 35, we opted to go the route of genetic testing since the chance of a few birth defects increases after that age.  We are thankful that baby girl is perfectly healthy!  But along with that testing, since it’s genetic testing, they’re able to tell by the chromosomes what gender the baby is long before the 20 week ultrasound! It’s so crazy and amazing.

I realized after our last gender reveal party (which ended up being a ton of fun!), that party planning just isn’t my thing :-) So Ben and I opted to pick up the gender results in an envelope from the doctor’s office and go from there. We went to a baby clothing store where Ben picked out a boy outfit and I picked out a girl outfit (that were the same price). Forgive the iPhone pic below, but I didn’t want to pull out my DSLR in the store :-)


We then took both outfits up to the register and explained to the cashier what we were up to. She and the other girl working were so excited to help us out!  I’d brought a box with tissue paper in it so I handed her that along with the envelope with the results in it…while our backs were turned, she opened it and put the appropriate outfit and the envelope into the box and hid the other outfit under the counter.  We then turned around and paid for our new little bundle’s first set of clothes and headed out the door.

We went downtown to the steps of our church to set up my camera and open the box.  It’s the church where we dated, got married and have taken Catherine for the first year and a half of her life, so it was only appropriate that we find out if it was a boy or girl right there!

After Ben prayed for us and the new baby, we nervously and excitedly opened the box…

Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-101 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-102 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-103 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-104 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-105 Baby-Fields-Gender-Reveal-106

Baby girl, we are so excited for you to join our family in February!  And even though she doesn’t realize it yet, Catherine is looking forward to meeting you too :-)

  1. Karen seoap says:

    We think girls are the best!!!!

  2. Mommy says:

    We are so thankful for this new little one God is adding to your/our family. Our prayers is for our 10th grandbaby as she grows and develops and becomes little sister one day to Catherine. We love you four so very much!
    Mommy and Daddy

  3. Jodi says:

    Yea! So very happy for you guys!!

  4. […] Everyone has been so encouraging and excited with us about our second baby girl due in February, which has only increased our own anticipation and excitement!  If you missed the announcement and gender reveal, you can check it out HERE. […]

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