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September 20, 2013

Virginia + Patrick | West End Engagement, Part B

As many of you recall, this summer was filled with lots of rain.  And when I say lots of rain I mean the kind where you’re in shock if it’s NOT raining!  And because of that, many sessions were scheduled and rescheduled and sometimes rescheduled again!  With Virginia and Patrick, we took a chance of going ahead and getting their session going.  And of course, it started raining not long after we began shooting.  But they were such troopers and we got some good stuff!  But, I wanted them to have a FULL session, even if that meant getting together again.  And oh my goodness, I’m SO glad we did!  The weather was perfect, with a slight chill in the air, and the West End in downtown wasn’t even that crowded!

Enjoy some of my favorites and look for them on the blog again soon… their wedding is in just over a month!

Virginia… you’re going to be such a stunning bride!

Seriously, could y’all be more adorable??

I love the West End of downtown…

Not only are Virginia and Patrick getting married in the best month on the calendar (ahem… October), but they’re getting married ON my birthday!  October 26!  How fun is that??

So when we passed this parking lot with numbered spaces, we found the 26 and thankful it was unoccupied!

And then this beauty joined us…

I love the one on the left!  And not just because she’s laughing because of how funny I obviously am ;-)

Goodness, this is a favorite too!

And then, as we were finishing up, this Segway tour group passed us for a second time so we had to get a photo!

Can’t wait to see you guys again soon!

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