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August 7, 2015

Amy + Andrew | A Downtown Charleston Engagement

She wasn’t supposed to meet him.  She was actually being set up with another guy that evening, but when her eyes met Andrew’s it was like they had that instant connection.  And when he gave her his jacket later that night because she was cold?  Well, I think he sealed the deal with getting her attention and the first piece of her heart.

When he knew it was time to propose, he pulled out all the stops and included the most important people in her life… her family.  They’d gone down to Disney World to run a marathon on Sunday but decided to enjoy the parks on Saturday.  Amy began to get suspicious when she saw her mom and pawpaw but she didn’t say anything because she didn’t know for sure and really, they could have just been there to watch them run the marathon the next day.

Disney is known as the most magical place on earth and it’s also one of Amy’s most favorite places.  So when she and Andrew went to take some photos in front of Cinderella’s castle, she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw him getting down on one knee to ask her to live happily ever after with him.

You guys are adorable and I loved spending the evening with you in one of my favorite southern cities.  I’m beyond excited for you guys and for your wedding in the spring!  Enjoy a few favorites from your engagement session ;-)


They love their puppies so of course they had to join the fun!

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-102 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-103 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-104 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-105 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-106 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-107 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-108

I’ve found a new favorite street in Charleston and these two make it even better.

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-109 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-110 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-111 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-112 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-113 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-114 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-115 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-116 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-117 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-118 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-119 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-120

Amy, you are gorgeous.  And you have that “fierce” look nailed!
Wedding Hair by Charlotte did an incredible job with your hair and makeup too!

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-121 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-122 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-123 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-124 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-125 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-126 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-127 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-128 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-129 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-130

Oh goodness, I love this one.

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-131 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-132 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-133 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-134

Hand in hand, forever by each others’ side.

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-135 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-136 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-137 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-138

Dear Charleston, thank you for being so bright and beautiful and the most perfect backdrop for these two lovebirds.

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-139 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-140 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-141 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-142

The sun was starting to set and we headed out towards the battery where the breeze helped cool us off (and keep the thousands of mosquitos away!).


Goodness, you two…

romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-144 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-145 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-146 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-147 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-148 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-149 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-150 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-151 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-152 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-153 romantic-charleston-engagement-photos-154

This was the very last frame we shot and it was the perfect note to end on.
Andrew, thank you for meeting up for your engagement session on your birthday!  I hope you guys had a fun weekend celebrating!


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