January 8, 2020

2018 Favorites | Births + Fresh 48 Sessions

Birth photography has been such a joy for me and being asked to be in a delivery room with a couple as they welcome their baby into the world is just incredible.  Adding the option of Fresh48 sessions (a portrait session in the hospital within 48 hours of baby being born) was a big highlight too.  I’ve been so thankful and grateful to each of these families and going back to 2018 and looking through every session I had the honor of being a part of has brought some huge smiles to my face!

It’s crazy to think that some of these babies from earlier in 2018 are about to turn TWO!  But, as I’ve said in my other Favorites posts HERE and HERE, the end of 2018 had me in a tailspin.  I will always be grieving, but I’m so thankful for how much God has worked and carried me this past year.  So, I’m excited to share some of my favorite birth and Fresh48 photos with you from 2018!

Also, please click on the links for each birth or Fresh48 story… there are so many more photos and so much more than just the few images I’m sharing here :-)

William Edward – Birth

Avereigh Reese – Birth & Fresh48

Reese Ann – Birth

Indigo Lilah – Fresh48

Brooks William – Birth

Olivia Hamilton – Birth


Clay Riley – Birth & Fresh48

Aiden Jackson – Fresh48

Nora Capri – Fresh48

Isabelle Marie – Fresh48

Lainey Grace – Birth & Fresh48

Joshua Edward – Birth

There is one birth story not pictured…  Sweet Hudson Isaac was born at the end of October in 2018 and his story is so special that he will be getting his own post next week.

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